We put Integrity first.
We strive to do the right thing, always. We never take ethical shortcuts, even if the high road is longer and harder. We are direct, honest, and fair in our communication.
We practice Humility.
We recognize how fortunate we are to be able to do what we do. Being humble allows us to learn faster, avoid ego-driven decisions, and maintain strong relationships internally and externally.
We prioritize Team and Mission.
They come ahead of our individual needs, knowing that the collective success of our team, our founders, and our stakeholders will lead to our own personal success.
We embrace Inclusivity.
We strive to foster diversity of race, gender, and creed, but also diversity of thought, political view, economic background, and communication style. Our own empirical data and experience clearly point to the fact that diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams.
We hold ourselves Accountable.
Results matter; commitments matter. We take responsibility for our mistakes, and we relentlessly strive to improve ourselves and achieve our ambitious goals. There are no trophies for participation at Two Ravens.
We place Intellectual Honesty at the core of our decision making.
We make it clear when something is a hunch versus a data-driven perspective. We are transparent about risks and challenges when making an investment decision. This is a truth-seeking business, and we don’t put spin on the ball.
We win with Discipline.
Focus, the willingness to run to our problems, and long-run commitment to overcome challenges are critical to winning.
We treasure our Relationships.
Relationships are the currency of our business. We invest time to build them and foster them, and we take them seriously.
Our Commitment to Founders:
We will treat you with dignity and respect.

We will not knowingly waste your time.

We will communicate transparently with you.

We will be clear and upfront about any known conflicts of interest.

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